Saturday, January 22, 2011

khob-kun-Ka (thank u)

 Hi every one. I'de like to say thank u to everyone who became a follower or commented on my projects i understand if u view my blog and dont leave a comment but i'd like it if u would im not a begginer at crafting but im not that good eatith so I would like it if u guys and girls could give me some tips on it . I made this card because i am thankful to now ppl read my blog and that im not doing this for nothing.

ps. if u r wondering about the tittle go to the post ( about me ) and you';ll see why i put that. im very umm ..... whats the word .......obsessed with my race at least thats what my friends say. I'm wat my friends call weird hehe

I'm also going to try and post more often then like 2 times a month I'm going to try at least ones a week to three times a week I'm also forgetful so yeah >.< 

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