Saturday, September 25, 2010


Ok , I'm going to share a little bit about me and what i like:
I am Black and Thai  ( if u dont know wat Thai is it is a specific type of Asian )
I like to make things that many of my friends have never seen like Perler beads and such
I like listening to Korean and Japanese  music
I am very over protective of my stuff when its super new like if a new shirt is dyed by some jeans i will cry
I love looking for deals online
I tend too stick with one brand of stuff like my stamps , i really like Inkadinkado stamps. inks. glitter ect.
I love all kinds of music pop, rock,and classical the most
I love bunnies and houses
I love hello kitty
I play the flute, piano,bass guitar,and the viberaphone.

That's most of what i thought of for now  ill be posting different stuff when i can get my camera fixed

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